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   I have a js object in json format, 

I would like to access the 2012_08 as year 2012 and month 08, how can i do it on the key. based on this i need to fill the table with its data respectively. I have teh code to split it but not sure how i can apply the same to the json object keys and iterate through the complete object

  var number = 2012_08;
   var splitstring = number.toString().split('_');
   var years = splitstring[0];
   var months = splitstring[1];
   alert(years + ' years,' + months + ' months');​
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Use for in to iterate over the keys, and parseInt to get numbers from the two parts of the key.

for (var key in monthly_sal) {
   var tokens = key.split('_');
   var years = parseInt(tokens[0], 10);
   var months = parseInt(tokens[1], 10);
   alert(years + ' years,' + months + ' months' + ' => ' + monthly_sal[key]);​
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