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I have a number of jobs successfully setup, but this one's just killing me. No matter what I do, it complains of a nil.

Here's the current error message I'm getting:

You have a nil object when you didn't expect it! You might have expected an instance of Array. The error occurred while evaluating nil.each /Users/aressidi/Projects/XXXXX/lib/contextual_content_job.rb:3:in `perform' /Users/aressidi/.rvm/gems/ru

Here are the related files:


class ContextualContentJob < Struct.new(:keywords, :contextual_content_id, :category_name) 
  def perform
    keywords.each { |e| Keyword.associate_foods(e, contextual_content_id, category_name) }

The Controller that calls it (simplified to show only the key parts)

  def create
    @keywords = Keyword.parse_keywords(params[:keyword][:keyword])
    @keywords = @keywords.collect {|k, v| v}
    RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.error("Here are the keywords: #{@keywords.inspect}")
    RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.error("The content ID: #{@contextual_content.id}")
    RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.error("The contextual content category: #{@contextual_content.contextual_content_category.name}")
    Delayed::Job.enqueue(ContextualContentJob.new(@keywords, @contextual_content.id, @contextual_content.contextual_content_category.name), 3)

Here is the output in my log file. Is there anything I'm doing that's obviously wrong? I'm passing it an array of keywords which I think it is what it is complaining is the problem. The keywords are what it's saying is null, but I've printed them in the log and they're clearly not nil. Here's the output in my log. Any ideas?

Here are the keywords: ["ritz", "salteen"] The content ID: 111
ContextualContentCategory Load (0.3ms) SELECT contextual_content_categories.* FROM contextual_content_categories WHERE contextual_content_categories.id = 1 LIMIT 1 The contextual content category: tip SQL (0.1ms) BEGIN AREL (0.2ms) INSERT INTO delayed_jobs (last_error, queue, run_at, locked_at, priority, attempts, handler, failed_at, updated_at, created_at, locked_by) VALUES (NULL, NULL, '2012-10-11 18:34:47', NULL, 3, 0, '--- !ruby/object:ContextualContentJob {}', NULL, '2012-10-11 18:34:47', '2012-10-11 18:34:47', NULL) SQL (0.2ms) COMMIT Redirected to http://XXXX.dev/admin/contextual_contents Completed 302 Found in 56ms

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no obvious reason here –  apneadiving Oct 11 '12 at 18:58
Not sure how that SQL is supposed to look, but is it serializing an empty ContextualContentJob instance? –  danneu Oct 11 '12 at 20:50

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