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This question is an exact duplicate of:

I'm trying to create a for loop that goes through a directory, and renames each file in that directory.


for i in $dir2
file=$(basename "$i")
mv "$i" "$e"

I'm trying to change each file:i to become $e.

For example, if I have a directory, and there is one file in it called test.txt, the file would be changed to test-BACKUP.txt

I'm having problems in that it's not changing the files withing the directories, it's changing the directory itself.

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for i in "$dir2/"*; do
    mv "$i" "${i%.*}-BACKUP.${i##*.}"
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Thank you, this has helped significantly. Could you please explain the significance of the syntax for "${i%.*}-BACKUP${i##*.}" I'm very new to Bash and sometimes the syntax can be very annoying to decipher. – Unknown Oct 11 '12 at 19:01
for i in *
  echo $i
  mv $i `basename $i`.new
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