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I want to redirect all routes that start with the string xyz to some other path.

match /\/xyz\/(.)*/ => redirect{ "whateverurl" }

The match method doesn't seem to work when given a regex, I have googled alot seems like there are options to do with regex but they are for params for example

match 'photos/:id' => 'photos#show', :constraints => { :id => /[A-Z]\d{5}/ }

How can I achieve it ?

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How about:

match '/xyz/*foo' => redirect('url')

It's not a regexp, it's called route globbing. More about it here.

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on spot. I have been reading the rails docs the same page for ages but the name "route globbing" never sounded like something related to this.. any way thanks a lot dude. you rock :) –  Abid Oct 11 '12 at 19:58

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