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I am working on using Eclipse as a basic file editor, without all the heap issues that comes with a Java tools install. I downloaded the platform version with no plugins, and added some editing tools for the code I wish to develop.

I do not intend to create new projects in this Eclipse, but would rather just edit individual files. Ideally, I can just open these from a File Explorer view within Eclipse (see image). Is there a plugin that I can download that will allow me to do this, or is there a simple hack to get this feature added?

enter image description here

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Search for File View in the views. – m0skit0 Oct 11 '12 at 20:11
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I found a solution. It unfortunately adds nearly 30MB, and I was really hoping for a lighter weight solution (I will not choose this as the answer yet, in the event one is posted). The Target Management plugin provides a plugin (add this url to Eclipse's Install New Software... dialog: http://download.eclipse.org/tm/updates/3.4/ ) that allows the browsing of remote and local file systems. Opening the view Remote Systems will allow you to open the local file system and open files from within, that appear in the main editor window.

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