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Have 3 parameters in my SSRS report, Location, Has book, author

Location will always be selected and is a multivalue drop down and it has it's own dataset.
Has book is a true or false and values come from a dataset as well. And author is a drop down with choices which allows multiple values and has its own dataset.

What I need to set is that when false is chosen the author parameter does not need a value and when true is chosen it allows author drop down to be chosen.

Is their like an if condition I can use in the author dataset or does any one kno another option to do this.

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Changing a parameter to be required or not is not available through the usual SSRS interface. The easiest work around is to set the parameter to always be required and add a value to that parameter's dataset (such as <Not Required>.) Then conditionally set that to be the default value for the parameter when appropriate.

This can be accomplished in a sql statement:

  mycondition = whatever

   '<Not Required>',
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How do I add a value to the dataset without adding data to the sql data table itself. Since the values in the dropdown are coming from available values in a data table. –  LewSim Oct 11 '12 at 20:25
edited to show SQL possibility. –  Jamie F Oct 11 '12 at 20:32

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