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I have been using CMMotionManager successfully with iOS 6.0 and 4th generation iPhone and iPod touch. The new iPhone 5 seems to run at an update interval that is twice as long as specified. If the kTIME_INTERVAL is 0.0125, I see actual intervals of about 0.021.

When I set the interval to 0.0125 / 2.0, the actual timer intervals are close to 0.013 which is what I want.

Is anyone seeing similar behavior with CMMotionManager on iPhone 5?

CMMotionManager *motion;

motion.deviceMotionUpdateInterval = kTIME_INTERVAL; // iPhone 4 and 4th gen devices

if (isDevice5thGeneration) {
    // iPhone 5 iOS 6 seems to run motion at twice the update interval (half as fast), so need to set interval at half to get desired interval
    motion.deviceMotionUpdateInterval = motion.deviceMotionUpdateInterval / 2.0; // iPhone 5 KLUDGE 
NSLog(@"Start motion recording deviceMotionUpdateInterval: %f", motion.deviceMotionUpdateInterval);

NSOperationQueue *queue = [[NSOperationQueue currentQueue] retain];

CMDeviceMotionHandler motionHandler = ^(CMDeviceMotion *deviceMotion, NSError *error) {
    //NSLog(@"motion handler");
    if (isRecordingMotion) {
        [self processMotion:deviceMotion];
[motion startDeviceMotionUpdatesToQueue:queue withHandler:motionHandler];

Thanks in advance!

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I don't want to claim that I have an answer (just starting a project with CMMotionManager), but I always use explicit float values for contants. So, I would use 0.0125f so I can trust the compiler. Meanwhile, your question is very helpful to me +1. –  mobibob Feb 7 '13 at 1:58

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