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PeerConnection API was deprecated. Do you know its replacement?

I am using webRTC to connect two video streams from different locations. I want to use PeerConncetion API (or another reliable technology).

The most recent news on Google Chrome's blog links to examples which no longer work due to the deprecation.

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The name is changing to RTCPeerConnection: see the WebRTC blog.

Chrome Canary currently supports webkitRTCPeerConnection: take a look at the example.

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Thanks Sam. So using RTCPeerConnection will only work on the Beta / Canary for Chrome. Is there anyway I can use a PeerConnection on the current latest release of Chrome? (22.0... instead of 23 like the current Beta) – Donny P Oct 13 '12 at 22:16
I just checked on in Chrome 22.0...: webkitPeerConnection00 works, but not webkitRTCPeerConnection (even though you'll find webkitRTCPeerConnection if you check in the console). In other words, you can set up a peer connection in Chrome Stable (also try In 22.0... PeerConnection must be enabled in chrome://flags. – Sam Dutton Oct 16 '12 at 15:58

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