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How can you specify the # of failed logon attempts with the default simplemembership provider in ASP.NET MVC 4? I see there is an unlock account method but I don't see anywhere you can specify the # of failed attempts that cause the account to lock. If you were specifying it in MVC 3 you could specify maxInvalidPasswordAttempts in web.config under the provider. However, with MVC4 simplemembership you don't set up the provider in web.config.

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It turns out simplemembership provider tracks the failed logins but it is up to you to catch the failed login attempts on user login with something like...

                    return RedirectToAction("LockedAccount");

Which of course leads to how to log them in once they reset their password. I chose to log them in directly in the password reset action. I could have put another field in the userprofile to track password being reset and bypass the check but figured it was not worth it.

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