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I'm trying to get a Textile Editor Helper on my Rails site. I installed the latest version from git, installed it and now trying to get things running. I put the code:

   <%= f.label :message %><br />
   <%= f.textile_editor :message -%>

but Rails return an error, pointing I don't have a proper method:

undefined method `textile_editor' for #<ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder:0x[...]>

I've only installed this version of TEH because it understands f.textile_editor construction but it seems not working. Well, OK. But while trying the original way, writing (2 args):

   <%= f.label :message %><br />
   <%= textile_editor @post, :message -%>

I receive a clear clone of a simple text_area without any formatting buttons at the top. I'm carefully follow the instructions at the SlateBlog article, inserting at the very end of my form the following line:

<%= textile_editor_initialize -%>

Am I missing something? OK, if the TEH is still buggy (which I doubt) what are the alternatives? Feel free to give advices (as I'm still a Rails beginner). The criteria is maximum simplicity of installation and usage.

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It might seem silly, but did you restart or reload your project so the plugin is loaded?

Did you include the Prototype JS dependency?

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That helped! Thank you ;) Gosh, I've spent over a couple of hours today figuring out the roots of the problem... –  gmile Aug 16 '09 at 18:26
No problem, I have had my fair share of forgetting to restart or forgetting Prototype and I still don't learn, hah! –  Garrett Aug 16 '09 at 18:46

Following the readme worked for me. Double check to make sure you ran the rake task - it won't hurt to run it again. Make sure that you have <%= javascript_include_tag :all %> in your layout. If you're using jQuery there are instructions specific to jQuery in the readme.

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