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I am trying to reuse a method in my code which works if there is no condition like this:

-(void) declareWebView

I can call it later like so within any other method:

[self declareWebView];

but if I want to add a condition to it (i think that is what it is called) like so:

-(void) declareWebView:(UIInterfaceOrientation)orientation duration:(NSTimeInterval)duration

How do I then use it in the [self declareWebView]; ??

It gives me an error if I do the following:

[self declareWebView]; or [self declareWebView:]; //Second has the Column added to it.

Any would be great!

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if you want to create a new method that implements the same code as the previous one this is my solution.

- (void) originalMethod{
    [self originalMethodWithNumber:nil];

- (void) originalMethodWithNumber:(NSNumber*) newNumberParam{
    NSNumber *numberValue = newNumberParam;
    if (numberValue == nil) numberValue = [NSNumber numberWithInt:1];//default value.
    // Perform anything here that you were doing. replacing out the new parameter

then you can still call your legacy "originalMethod" and now have a new method with a parameter.

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You must pass a value for every argument:

[self declareWebView:UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait duration:1.0];

I recommend doing some reading — The Objective-C Programming Language is a good introductory guide.

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