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It looks like the original functionality of Array.lastIndexOf was what I'm looking for, but it was changed. Any idea how to replicate the old functionality?

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It says "would show some odd behavior when passed either an object or a function" and "Sugar would attempt to run that actual function against elements in the array as an equality check (a la filter), when it should have been doing a strict equals directly on the function itself." I'm interested in passing an object "(a la filter)". – Andy Oct 11 '12 at 21:06
Well, since you can't rely on Sugar's implementation to do what you want, why not implement your own Array.prototype.lastIndexOfFn? From the blog post it is not apparent what the problem with passing an object is, as it cannot be invoked as a filter on each element. – lanzz Oct 11 '12 at 21:12
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After looking at the sugar.js docs, it appears that Array#findIndex does the reverse of what I'm trying to do, so here's my solution which uses that:

Array.prototype.findLastIndex = function(f, startIndex, loop) {
    var reverseIndex = this.clone().reverse().findIndex(f, startIndex, loop);
    if (reverseIndex < 0) {
        return reverseIndex;
    return this.length - reverseIndex - 1;
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