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There are some encrypt method that allow I encrypt a string data with a specific unique encode key (write key) and decode it to an another specific decode key (read key)?

For instance: supposing that we have the string Hello World. So we have two keys, one for encoding (like John) and another to decoding (like Doe). So we create an encoded version of string like:

Note: not limited to PHP, it just an easy example for me...

$string = "Hello World";
$encoded = encode($string, "John", "Doe");
//@function encode(string data, string write_key, string read_key);
//@return string "abcdef123456" -- supposing that it is the encoded string!

Now we have the new encoded string of Hello World data as abcdef123456. Now if we try to read this string with the write key we don't will get the original version, but a strange version or just an error like invalid read key.

$decoded = decode($encoded, "John");
//@function decode(string data, string read_key);
//@return false -- invalid read key! or just a strange result data

$decoded = decode($encoded, "Doe");
//@return string "Hello World"

Note: I just need to know if there are some encrypt project like that, but if you know a library, it's ok too. I need it to my project. I know that is possible hash with a key, but the original result never can back. And I know too read-write key encodings, but it doesn't is really what I need.

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You are talking about Public key cryptography.

To suggest a library you should specify the language you will be using in your project.

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It's perfectly what I'm searching for! Thanks. About the language, it's optional on topic, but I think some to PHP and/or JS. – David Rodrigues Oct 12 '12 at 0:16
Here is the documentation for PHP Cryptography: php.net/manual/en/refs.crypto.php – Serge Oct 12 '12 at 0:40

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