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Appreciate some opinions on the below:

8 years ago we invested a lot of money into Cisco equipment.

At our data centre we run a PIX 515e as the firewall protecting websites and providing VPN support. I wondering how this device would perform against a modern day cheaper router like the Linksys 4200 with DD-WRT.

Typical usage to take into consideration:

-We move about 20-30 GB a day in the evenings for backups. -Page hits going through the router might be about 10,000 a day. -Additional users on the network sending files backwards and forth which would probably account for a further 1 GB during the day.

Looking for comments on Performance, Scalability and security.

Many thanks, Jason

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I am curious why do you want to change your PIX 515-E? Based on your usage scheme let's make some calculations: 30,000 MB per day = 30,000 * 8 = 240,000 Mbit/day = 3 Mbit/s, or if the data centre works 8 standard hours = 8 Mbit/s Even if you have daily peaks, the throughput of PIX should be enough. Nevertheless if you want to change this equipment I would suggest to look for more reliable solutions than Linksys with DD-WRT. You could set your eyes on Fortigate 40-C or some Mikrotik RB2011UAS model.

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thanks for the feedback - I hadn't thought of constructing my requirements like that which is helpful. –  jason clark Nov 19 '12 at 22:42
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In the end we got a watchguard firewall since our main reasoning was for a better user interface to support configuring.

It turns out that these devices are not as expensive as I thought these days ( Compared to cisco prices we paid 6-8 years ago ).

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