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I am trying to assign a JQGrid object to a var so that I can call .setGridWidth on it like so:

var subGridName = 'allDetailsJqGrid_' + idList[i];
var grid = $(subGridName);

but subGrid seems to be coming back as a plain Javascript object instead of an actual JQGrid. How can I get the actual JQGrid?

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You are not setting the jqGrid as a jQuery object at all.. but as a sting instead..

Missing $ or jQuery to convert it to a jQuery Object


var subGrid = $('myJqGrid_' + 999);
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I got this working by adding '_t' to the end of my id. '_t' must be something JQGrid adds to the actual JQGrid name.

var subGridName = 'allDetailsJqGrid_' + idList[i] + '_t';
var grid = $('#' + subGridName);

I sure hope this helps someone because it took me a while to figure out.

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