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I try to set the following Route with Kohana 3.2:


and want to put the controller in an directory inside the controller folder with the name of the <version> param. But how can I name the Class so that Kohana find my Controller?

e.g. :
I open the url api/1.0/hello/say and want to load the controller inside the folder classes/controller/1.0/hello.php but as the convention says I need to name the controller like Controller_1.0_Hello... But as far as I know, php doesn't allow numbers and points on classnames..

How can I solve this?

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You can map the route explicitly to any controller/method you want. I wrote a tutorial that might help you out:

Basically, you can't have a period in a className, but you can have a number.

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+1 for awesome tutorial. Thanks man. – Jezen Thomas May 13 '13 at 19:48

Routes are used to determine the controller and action for a requested URI.

  • directory is a folder;
  • controller is a file indirectory` folder;
  • action is method of controller class (defined in file).

If you want to select specific file based on Route, your only way is to use <controller> instead of <version> like:


You'll probably have to modify your URI format.

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