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Assuming I present a modal view B based on A, and then present a modal view C based on B.

Is there any way to dismiss both B and C and go back to A directly?

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Assuming you use storyboards in XCode4.5, you can use the new unwind segue. Implement


in A. (You can leave the function definition empty.) Then in the controller of C right click on the new exit icon and connect the new entry to the control that shall initiate the unwinding.

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Yes, you can call [B dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];

this will dismiss B. of course, if C is presented from B, it will be dismissed too.

And, here is relative question, it contains complete answer. iPhone - dismiss multiple ViewControllers

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yes, i have some solution, probably it is a little bit dirty but you can work around

UIViewController* vc = self;

while (vc) {
    UIViewController* temp = vc.presentingViewController;
    if (!temp.presentedViewController) {
        [vc dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^{}];
    vc =  temp;

you can call this from any of model controllers in your stack, all of them will be dismissed. We are just searching for the second one and then dismiss it.

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