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Trying to open a pipe to Gnuplot in a simple C program, with

FILE *pipe=popen("gnuplot - persist", "w");

receiving the above error. I have installed Gnuplot using Macports and the gnuplot command works straight off using the bash terminal, but I cannot access it via the code above (sh).

I have tried adding a .MacOSX with an environment.plist file (a suggestion I found online) but I cannot seems to get anything to work (using the explicit location of Gnuplot in the code doesn't seem to work for me either). Sorry if this is an obvious problem, I am very new to programming and I just want to plot some graphs! Thanks

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How do you start your program? Do you change the PATH variables? Before popen do

printf("PATH=%s\n", getenv("PATH"));

what's the result of this?

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If you installed with MacPorts then gnuplot is probably in /opt/local/bin/gnuplot. But you can check with in the Terminal with "which gnuplot". Try

gnuplot = popen("/opt/local/bin/gnuplot --persist", "w");
if (gnuplot != NULL)
  fprintf(gnuplot, "plot sin(1/x)\n");

for example. You have a weird space in your command string before "persist".

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For me, whereis gnuplot didn't find gnuplot (not sure why), but which gnuplot works just fine. –  mgilson Oct 18 '12 at 13:01
I think "which" is more appropriate, so I edited my answer. "which" returns the file run by the command; "whereis" may not find files not on a hardcoded list of paths. –  Lee Phillips Oct 22 '12 at 15:17
Works like charm, Thanks! –  nfrik Aug 30 '13 at 13:20
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