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How do you change the current release of a Ruby on Rails application that was pushed up to an Ubuntu server with Capistrano to an earlier release? enter image description here

These files are located in /var/www/application/current I want to go back to the rails application dated Sep 30 and put it into var/www/application/current which is currently pointing to a release dated Oct 11

I am currently running Ubuntu 12.04, Rails 3.2.7 and Ruby 1.9.3

Thanks in advance!

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the current is a link to the release folder so all you have to do is point it to a different release folder ie

ln -s 20120930184735 current

and restart the app keep in mind if there were migration changes you might have to roll them back as well ...

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Capistrano has a build in task to do what you want:

cap deploy:rollback

# or:

cap deploy:rollback:code

Select the one which suites you more.


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