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I need to make an index page only with the following image.

When the user clicks the water between the flags, he can continue to the next page. If the user presses at any other location, an alert message will be shown. Do we have any x-axis,y-axis concept in PHP?

Anyone have any idea how to make an image's some parts clickable? Anyone can provide me examples or links to documents?


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Thank you all for the quick responses. I will check the documentations and will accept the answer after that. – NewPHP Oct 11 '12 at 23:33

You could use the map tag:

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he could also use use this tool: – Miro Oct 12 '12 at 1:28

Since you're using JQuery you might want to look at this answer on SO  

var x = e.pageX - $(this).offset().left;
var y = e.pageY - $(this).offset().top;
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I was 30 seconds late :-) +1 – janenz00 Oct 11 '12 at 23:30

You are looking to implement image maps. Check a similar question - Using JQuery hover with HTML image map

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Using <input type="image" src="...picture..." name="my_button" /> will cause it to post $_POST['my_button_x'] and `$_POST['my_button_y'] containing the coordinates on which it was clicked. You'd then define some rules for a "valid" click, as elaborately as you wish:

if ( (int) $_POST['my_button_x'] > 100 && (int) $_POST['my_button_x'] < 300
     && (int) $_POST['my_button_y'] > 20 && (int) $_POST['my_button_y'] < 50 )
    // valid
    // invalid

Obviously, this is a barebones example - you still need to test for isset() and so on.

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Go for image mapping and then bind some click event handlers with the mapped areas. I used this to create proper maps a while ago. Hope this will become handy in your case too.

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