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I think the question might be a bit stupid - I am working on my first Play project and thus I am still in train to try to gain an overview over the software ;)

Well, I have a page containing a textarea. A user should be able to enter text there and store it permanently in the standard ebean database. But storing never works and I can't find out the reason!

This is the class definition for the database object:

public class Entry extends Model {
    public String   text;   
    public String   studentName;
    public long     id;
    public static   Finder<Long, Entry> finder = new Finder<Long, Entry>( Long.class, Entry.class);

    public static Entry getMe(Long id) {
        return finder.byId(id);
    public static void saveMe(Entry toDataBase) {;
    // ....

Here is the text area:

@(entryForm: Form[Entry])
@import helper._
@main("xy") {

<h1>report for @entryForm("studentName")</h1>

    @form(routes.Application.storeReport()) {
        <input type="submit" value="Store Report">

In the Application.storeReport() method entryForm.bindFromRequest().hasErrors() is always true..

and changing @textarea(entryForm("report:")) to @textarea(entryForm("text")) ( tell the thing, which of the 3 Entry fields I actually want to fill) even causes a PersistenceException:

"the type [class models.Entry] is not a registered entity? If you don't explicitly list the entity classes to use Ebean will search for them in the classpath. If the entity is in a Jar check the property in file or check ServerConfig.addJar().]"

Orienting on the ToDoList example I can't detect how I could register an entitly else than letting it extend the play.db.ebean.Model!

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I think you forgot the @Entity annotation on your Entry class.

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