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I'm having trouble understanding how to connect Backbone.js with CouchDB cleanly if I am to serve the html and js files from Apache web server or IIS (not from node.js or couchApp).

Should I use a backbone.js CouchDB extension to abstract the requests? If so which ?

Should I connect Backbone.js connect directly to the CouchDB RESTful interface or should I use an intermediate PHP layer (because I am familiar with PHP but and not Java or other server side setups) ? If so which ?

What is the best way to deal with the 'same origin policy' preventing me from interacting with the database ?

Basically I want a tidy way using backbone.js to GET json documents from a number of collections by id, an array of ids, or all ids. Also from a second admin web interface I need to be able to update, create, and delete by id

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I have had very good luck with

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I don't think you need any extension to work with CouchDB.

The main thing you need to do is set idAttribute to _id in all your model.

Also, I would advise you to put an intermediate layer between CouchDB and your client. Unless your use-case is very simple, you'll quickly want to transform your documents before sending them to your client. You can do that with PHP, Express and use CouchApp if you want to stick close to CouchDB.

If you want to bypass SOP cleanly, take a look at CORS, which is now supported by most browsers.

I'm not familiar with PHP, but here's how I do it with Express and felix-couchdb:

var couchdb = require('felix-couchdb'),
    client = couchdb.createClient(config.port,,
    myDb = client.db('my_db');

// (... express boilerplate)
app.get('/resource/:resource_id', function (req, res) {
  myDb.getDoc(req.params.resource_id, function (err, doc) {
      return res.send(err);

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Can you recommend any libraries that essentially only need installation and configuration ? particularly for PHP but also (node/express) ? –  johowie Oct 19 '12 at 3:17
not enough room here, editing my answer. –  Laurent Perrin Oct 19 '12 at 16:40

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