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First -I am a total newbie and trying to work on someone elses code, so hopefully I will provide all the information necessary.

My jquery mobile application stores search parameters into local storage as numeric representation of the text because of the interface to the back-end. The search parameters have three questions that have 6 to 15 different options. A customer can save a search in their favorites. I need to convert the numbers into text to make it user friendly for the customer. I know how to convert the responses that have less than two responses, but I don't know how to do it for three or more.

Almost all the content is dynamically generated via Ajax, so a jsFiddle is impossible (at least for me ;-).

When a search result is returned (think of searching for a cruise), the following information is stored in local storage via this command:

localStorage.search = JSON.stringify(searchParams);

It is stored as follows:


Then if a customer wants to save the search as a 'favorite', it is stored with the following command:

localStorage.favorites = JSON.stringify(favorites);

Example of a favorite search stored in localStorage:


Here is my code for retrieving the saved searches:

>     $.each(searches, function(idx, searchFav){
>     var search = searchFav.searchinfo;
>     var newSearchFav = template.clone().appendTo(disp);
>     newSearchFav.attr('id', idx);
>     $('#region', newSearchFav).html(search.region);
>     $('#price', newSearchFav).html(search.price);
>     $('#duration', newSearchFav).html(search.duration);
>     $('#depart', newSearchFav).html((search.departuredate);
>     $('#return', newSearchFav).append((search.returndate);

Using the example saved search in localStorage above, the above code displays on the html pages as follows:

  • region id: 62224
  • price id: 4
  • duration id: 5
  • depart id:
  • return id:

I want duration to appear as "14+ Nights" and not as "5" based on the following look-up table:

  • 0 = "Any Nights!"
  • 1 = "1-3 Nights"
  • 2 = "4-6 Nights"
  • 3 = "7-9 Nights"
  • 4 = "10-13 Nights"
  • 5 = "14+ Nights"

If I had only two responses, I could put in the following (as an example)

 search.duration = ((search.duration > 4) ? "14+ Nights" : "Any");
$('#duration', newSearchFav).html(search.duration);

and any value 4 or below would display "Any". But I don't know how to do more than two responses.

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What is "local storage", javascript variables, cookie ...? –  Beetroot-Beetroot Oct 11 '12 at 23:54
And what does the template's HTML look like? –  Beetroot-Beetroot Oct 12 '12 at 0:07
jsfiddle may be ? –  eicto Oct 12 '12 at 0:14
Let me see if I can put it into a jsfiddle –  user1690068 Oct 12 '12 at 0:20
I couldn't figure out how to do a jsfiddle with the dynamic content retrieved via AJAX and localStorage, so I updated the problem with more detail. I can probably upload to a webserver and post a URL if necessary. Thanks in advance for any guidance. –  user1690068 Oct 12 '12 at 14:58
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1 Answer

I solved this by using the following:

search.duration = (search.duration > 4) ? "14+ Nights" : (search.duration == 4) ? "10-13 Nights" : (search.duration == 3) ? "7-9 Nights" : (search.duration == 2) ? "4-6 Nights" : (search.duration == 1) ? "1-3 Nights" : "Any Duration";
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