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Old XCodes and new XCode have 1 problem:

A very long time from Run button pushing to app starting on device, if resources of app is biggest.

When we push a Run button, XCode doing this steps:

1) Compile a changed classes

2) Building a app

3) Copy .app to device with all resources

4) Sandboxing

5) App is runned


If resources size is 1 Gb, then app is running after 1 min or more.

Anybody knows? How to decrease time of app starting OR disable a resource copying at each time?

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I founded a one solution of this, but maybe a many people will refute this method.

Yes, this method work not for all projects, but i already want to say for all:

1) In XCode we adding our resource folder, for XCode will detect him and will copy to device;

2) At first time we must just Run for all resources will copied to device. Now we have a resources folder in Mac and in Device;

3) Now i just Replacing resource folder to another temp folder. And create a Empty folder with same name. Now XCode will see a folder, and not will say to us, what resource folder is missing;

4) Changing some code and push a Run. It's great, step 3 with resource copying is going at Fastest!

If any file is missing in resource folder, XCode will not delete him from device, you can found a many questions here about this. So, this method is work, if you today working Only on code modifing.

If you want work with resources (add, delete, modify), you just Replacing a resource folder back and working =)

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