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  • I have a uint8_t *C = malloc(24*sizeof(uint8_t));

  • I need to send some integers and this *C to another node(in ad hoc network). So I am going to use a struct

    struct fulMsg {
      int msgType;
      int msgCount;
      //uint8_t *CC;     
    } fulMsg_t;
    typedef struct fulMsg fulMsg_tt;`
  • there is a method called packetbuf_copyfrom(X, sizeof(X)); in my api(contiki). If I create struct like this struct fulMsg *fmsg = &fulMsg_t; I can use the above method like this packetbuf_copyfrom(fmsg, 8); and from the other end I can easily get those two values.

  • So my problem is when I am going to apply same thing to that pointer it is not working the network simulator that I am using suddenly be crashed (I think there is a segmentation fault). I can't initialize size of *C in the struct no. And how correctly do this fmsg->CC = C;

  • At the other end this is how I receive this struct is struct fulMsg *r_fmsg = &fulMsg_t; and rfmsg = (fulMsg_tt *)(packetbuf_dataptr());. So I can easily get values from other end. (No need to do ntoh and hton, but it is ok if this really needs that)

  • In simple what I want to do is send the value of *C contain and some other integers to another node. How can I correctly do this.

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fundamentally what you are doing should work but really we cant help. Your question says "I have a bunch of code that shunts around pointers to various dynamically allocated data etc.. and then it crashes. Why?" We dont know why. We need a simple example. Or you need to put printf code in there to see where exactly it dies or use a debugger –  pm100 Oct 12 '12 at 0:07

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I'm not familiar with contiki, and there doesn't seem to be much handy documentation on it, but from what I did find, it doesn't look like the function is smart enough to know what parts of your struct are pointers, so my guess is it's not designed for that. I think you will have to make a struct that directly contains the full array, e.g.,

struct fulMsg {
  int msgType;
  int msgCount;
  uint8_t CC[24];
} fulMsg_t;

typedef struct fulMsg fulMsg_tt;
fulMsg_tt msg;
uint8_t *C = malloc(24*sizeof(uint8_t));
// Do whatever with this array, then
msg.msgCount = 24; // or whatever
memcpy(&msg.CC, C, 24*sizeof(uint8_t));

packetbuf_copyfrom(&msg, sizeof(fulMsg_tt));
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thanks,I'll try this one –  cdev Oct 12 '12 at 3:52

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