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I am using logback for my logging. I wanted to use syslog4j to natively log to syslog.(as I do not want to open up the udp port for logging into syslog) Can I use syslog4j as an appender to logback? If not, is there any other way of using logback to log into syslog without opening up the udp port i.e. using native unix sockets!

Thanks Sumanth

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i think you are looking for SyslogAppender

configuration example here logback-syslog.xml

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Unfortunately the SyslogAppender in Logback doesn't support anything other than UDP syslog protocol.

I haven't tried but it might be trivial to write a Syslog4jAppender for Logback (I'm surprised no-one else has already)

It hasn't been answered yet but the question "Using syslog4j as an appender to Logback" would cover what you want.

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