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I keep running into an issue where Eclipse returns No AVD's Available when trying to run code in the emulator.

Checked for updates, restarted Eclipse, confirmed permissions on the ~/.android dir, and all other options have been tried.

The only thing I do different, which shouldn't make a difference, I run the Android SDK in Zend Studio, which is Eclipse, and I've never had an issue with this until now.

Anyone got any other ideas?

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This was stupid...

The AVD list gets blanked out if a real device is plugged in via USB.

As soon as I unplugged it, all my AVD's displayed right away.

If an AVD is running, and then the device is plugged in, both are available in the Running Device window.

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Dude, that's epic. – user1457656 Oct 12 '12 at 0:38

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