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I use ASP.net VB.net to write a XML file.

In one of the element which is called "Description" i have to add a "<![CData[Class : <b>Class Name</b><br>Price: 100,000.00]]>".


strDes = "<![CDATA[Class : <b>" + myReader.GetSqlValue(4).ToString + 
    "</b><br>Price: " + myReader.GetSqlValue(7).ToString + "]]>"
XMLwrite.WriteElementString("description", strDes.ToString)

But when i generate the XML file, it gives

<description>&lt;![CDATA[Class : &lt;b&gt;Residential - Site Built&lt;/b&gt;&lt;br&gt;Price: 100,000.00]]&gt;</description>
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so, what is the issue with that? do you want <br> to be interpreted as a new line? If so, use vbCrLf instead (i.e. + "</b>" + vbcrlf + "Price................". –  shahkalpesh Aug 16 '09 at 19:05

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You should always use the XML APIs to create XML. The CDATA you were generating should have been generated by the XmLWriter API. Try this:

strDes = "Class : <b>" + myReader.GetSqlValue(4).ToString + _
    "</b><br>Price: " + myReader.GetSqlValue(7).ToString
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I did this already. Had a hunch. However thank you very much. –  Kush Aug 16 '09 at 20:07

If you are writing a CDATA section, you can use WriteCData method instead.

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