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The date data is like this

09-OCT-12 PM

and it is coming from an object:


I've tried this

$date = new DateTime($objectvar->datedata);
echo $date->format('M d,Y');

it doesn't work, it doesn't display the correct data from the object;

I've also tried this

echo date('M d,Y',strtotime($objectvar->datedata));

it doesn't work too, like it doesn't display the correct data from the object;

what can I do to correctly convert the date?

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i've found the correct answer

$date = DateTime::createFromFormat($objectvar->date);
$converteddate = $date->format('M d,Y');
echo $converteddate;
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There is probably a native way of doing it, but maybe you can use this method instead in the meanwhile:

list($day,$month,$year) = sscanf($objectvar->datedata,"%d-%s%-%d");

now you ca use it to create your date format

echo date("M d, Y",strtotime("$year-$month-$day"));
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This answer should be here:

$dt = DateTime::createFromFormat("d#M#y H#i#s*A", $objectvar->datedata);
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