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I have a directory in my root called images. I have a naming convention of number-category.jpg. I am using this convention through a PHP script and would like to have a RewriteRule in my htaccess that does something to the effect of word-word-category-number.jpg for SEO purposes.

So what was once '10-abstract.jpg' is now 'fine-art-abstract-art-10.jpg'

I was reading some tutorials and came up with below with no success:

RewriteRule ^([0-9]-[a-z])-art.jpg$ /2/art/$1-$2.jpg [L]
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For word-word-category-number.jpg, try:

RewriteRule ^[^-]+-[^-]+-([^-]+)-([0-9]+)\.jpg$ /2/art/$2-$1.jpg [L]

But that's not going to work for your example because fine-art-abstract-art-10.jpg is word-word-category-word-number.jpg. You can add another section for that:

RewriteRule ^[^-]+-[^-]+-([^-]+)-[^-]+-([0-9]+)\.jpg$ /2/art/$2-$1.jpg [L]

And that'll take a request for and serve /2/art/10-abstract.jpg.

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Thank you! So very helpful. – Brian Dillingham Oct 12 '12 at 2:01

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