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Hi I wondering if there is the equivalent to an App Explorer in Sublime Text 2. When using eclipse, I use the App Explorer panel to search by file name.

I have a file naming convention that helps me find files by there functionality within the system. So say I want to list all files relating to the registration process. I search for "regis" via the App Explorer and get a nice list of the relevant files. This filtered list is available all the time until I search again.

I can use Sublime Text's cmd+p but prefer the above as I can see the folder hierarchy etc. In essence it is merely a file name filter on the folder list.

Are there any plugins that may give me something similar. Any help much appreciated.

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No, as far as I can tell nothing like this has been implemented in Sublime Text 2. I would suggest opening an issue at Sublime's UserEcho forum.

In the meantime:

  • Typing "regis" into Sublime's 'GoTo Anything' panel will bring up the files you're looking for, and show you their paths (I realize this doesn't help you with visualizing the hierarchy, but that's as close as it gets).

  • I use a package called SyncedSideBar - this will at least show you a visual representation of the folder hierarchy in the sidebar, for the open file, if it's added to the project.

  • The GoTo Folder package by freewizard may do something similar to what you're looking for, but I had trouble getting it to work. Maybe you'll have more success.

Good luck!

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All good suggestions Sara, thanks for you help. After playing around with sublime for a bit, I've realized I should just change my workflow. The ability to open more than one instance will also help. – Chin Oct 13 '12 at 9:10

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