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Many Android libraries are distributed using a similar structure as follows:

-->lib/ (where the "real" code lives)

I want to import the library to Eclipse, but I cant import the whole mycustomlib folder because it has no AndroidManifest.xml file (I suppose this is the reason). I only can import the lib folder. Apparently works, but the project name in Eclipse becomes lib.

Is there any way to put mycustomlib in the project name without messing the tree structure so I can pull git changes normally?

My reason to want to do this: If I keep a generic name as lib as the project name, this would confuse the management of multiple projects in the same workspace.

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why you must import all mycustomlib , just import lib, sample , modify and pull to original git

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In that case I'll have a generic name as project name, which would confuse the management of multiple projects in the same workspace. –  borges Oct 12 '12 at 2:36
oh, i see, just rename it. i think eclipse will don't change your folder name –  ZuzooVn Oct 12 '12 at 2:41
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You can rename the project inside Eclipse (by clicking on the project and pressing F2).

It will change a Eclipse-specific file called .project (it will not rename the folder). Since many projects don't have this file or not modify it, there is no problem in changing it. At worst, just do the merge manually to any changes in the file.

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