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The target string is "A + A_RT + B*A+AA". I want to replace A with B and B with A. But I don't want to replace A_RT to B_RT or AA to BB. The expected result is "B + A_RT + A*B+AA". How can I do this in C#? Thanks.

Currently I use the following codes, but it will replace A_RT to B_RT...

IDictionary<string, string> map = new Dictionary<string, string>()

string str = "A + A_RT + B*A+AA";
var regex = new Regex(String.Join("|", map.Keys));
var newStr = regex.Replace(str, m => map[m.Value]);
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You need to use look behind and look ahead to check whether there is any valid character for a name. –  nhahtdh Oct 12 '12 at 2:44
Append (?<!\w) before and (?!\w) after the regex to see whether it works or not. –  nhahtdh Oct 12 '12 at 2:48

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I changed the regex to var regex = new Regex(@"\bA\b|\bB\b"), then it can work.

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I'm not particularly good at regex patterns, so there is probably a better way to do this. But the pattern


was able to grab all your variable tokens as match results.

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Use var regex = new Regex(String.Format("\\b[{0}]\\b",String.Join("", map.Keys)));

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