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I am using the jse edition of Restlet 2.1.0 with the xstream and jettison extensions that enable me to have a resource that is declared like this:

public Customer retrieve();

This allows me to have a client that can choose whether to get a JSON string or get a Customer object, with xstream+jettison doing the serialization/deserialization.

I also have a resource method declared like this:

public Customer store(Customer customer);

Which I can post to using something like:

clientResource.post(customer, Customer.class);

This all seems to work nicely. However the one thing that doesn't work is the simplest scenario, of posting a JSON String to this Post Restlet resource.

When I try to post the following JSON String:

{"com.redprairie.task.common.Customer":{"firstName":"George","lastName":"Shaw","birthDate":"1856-07-26 07:00:00.0 UTC","address":"Bibbs Hall Lane, Ayot St. Lawrence, AL6 9BX  United Kingdom"}}

I get this stack trace:

<failure message="Unsupported Media Type (415) - Unsupported Media Type" type="org.restlet.resource.ResourceException">Unsupported Media Type (415) - Unsupported Media Type
    at org.restlet.resource.ClientResource.doError(ClientResource.java:612)
    at org.restlet.resource.ClientResource.handleInbound(ClientResource.java:1203)
    at org.restlet.resource.ClientResource.handle(ClientResource.java:1070)
    at org.restlet.resource.ClientResource.handle(ClientResource.java:1087)
    at org.restlet.resource.ClientResource.post(ClientResource.java:1438)
    at com.redprairie.task.common.rest.RestletResource.post(RestletResource.java:99)
    at com.redprairie.task.common.rest.ServerResourceTest.testPostMethodUsingJSON(ServerResourceTest.java:165)

I'm guessing there is something simple that I'm doing wrong, but I'm not sure what it is.

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2 Answers

I was able to resolve my issue.

I was trying to post a JSON string using:

String jsonString = "{some valid json}";
clientResource.post(jsonString, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON);

That didn't work. Not sure exactly why it didn't work, but doing it the following way works:

Representation rep = new StringRepresentation(jsonString, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON);
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Are you specifying the content-type in your POST request header?

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I tried it it using resource.post(jsonString), resource.post(jsonString, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) and I get the same error in both cases. –  user1735826 Oct 12 '12 at 20:31
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