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For some reason this doesn't work. It compiles file, but no items are added to this vector when using a getter.


class class_name {

        inline std::vector<int> get_numbers() { return m_numbers; }    

        std::vector<int> m_numbers;


    class_name number_list;

If I do it directly (m_numbers.push_back(1)) it works, but if I pull it out with a getter it won't add anything.

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Member functions defined inside the class are already implicitly inlined, so the inline keyword is not needed (although some people may have other reasons for putting it there). –  Jesse Good Oct 12 '12 at 3:07

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Return the vector by reference if you plan to modify it:

inline std::vector<int> &get_numbers() { return m_numbers; }  

Without the ampersand a copy is returned.

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