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I was wondering if Cristal Reports is still part of VS and Silverlight/WPF.

Imagine printing a General Ledger Balance or Profits and Lost Statement, with the Printing API of Silverlight, it would be an ordeal.

It has breaks, totals, balances, etc..

What can I use to make data centric reports from Silverlight/WPF?

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No Crystal Reports is not part of VS.

For our reporting requirements within Silverlight apps we use SSRS and a third party report viewer control (http://www.perpetuumsoft.com/Silverlight-Viewer-for-Reporting-Services.aspx). Perpetuum also have a WPF version of the SSRS report viewer.

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Thank you for answering. No good native reporting, that's what I was afraid of. –  Rafael Oct 12 '12 at 14:22

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