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I am building a webbrowser in WINFORMS C#. I want to limit the download file size to under 25mb. Is there any way to access the download file dialog fields which pops out when a download is detected. Should I use webclient instead. Please advice.

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Go with this Code , its same as yours –  andy Oct 12 '12 at 4:20

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Not easy, but you can do that by Implementing a Custom Download Manager

Sample implementation is done in The most complete C# Webbrowser wrapper control

m_csexwbCOMLib.FileDownloadEx += new 

void dl_FileDownloadEx(int dlUID, string sURL, string sFilename, 
     string sExt, string sFileSize, string sExtraHeaders, string sRedirURL, 
     ref bool SendProgressEvents, ref bool bStopDownload, ref string sPathToSave)
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