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command pstree PID can show all subprocess information of the process specified by PID. However, I also want to know all parent process information of the process PID, how can I get it?

An example, give below process:

|- parent_process
|    `- current_process
|       |- subprocess_1
|       `- subprocess_2
`- other_process

What I want is when I run pstree current_process_pid, I want to get below output

`- parent_process
    `- current_process
       |- subprocess_1
       `- subprocess_2

When I run pstree subprocess_1_pid, it will output

`- parent_process
    `- current_process
       `- subprocess_1

Thanks in advance

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Did you try with ps -ef? –  GK27 Oct 12 '12 at 4:07
Note: Using -l option of the pstree/ps commands shows long lines with command line arguments of the process. Helpful when you want to trace command line arguments for each process and see which command/script gets triggered (for example figure out which backend scripts are run for a web UI operation). –  GuruM Aug 6 '13 at 12:50

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# With my psmisc 22.20:
pstree -p -s PID

Maybe if with ps -ef:

awk -vPID=$1 '
function getParent ( pid ) {
    if (pid == "" || pid == "0") return;
    while ("ps -ef | grep "pid | getline) {
        if ($2 == pid) {
            print $8"("$2") Called By "$3;
    close ("ps -ef")

BEGIN { getParent(PID) }

This is ugly assuming ps output column and order. Actually one single run of ps -ef contains all info needed. This don't worth the time, I still recommend updating psmisc, it won't hurt.

EDIT: A mimic using single run ps -ef:

ps -ef | awk -vPID=$1 '
function getpp ( pid, pcmd, proc ) {
    for ( p in pcmd ) {
        if (p == pid) {
            getpp(proc[p], pcmd, proc);
            if (pid != PID) printf("%s(%s)───", pcmd[pid], pid);

NR > 1 {
    # pid=>cmd
    pcmd[$2] = $8;
    # pid=>Parent
    pproc[$2] = $3;

    getpp(PID, pcmd, pproc);
    printf "\n";
    system("pstree -p "PID);
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-s option not supported by my pstree which installed by psmisc-22.2-7.el5_6.2 –  Congbin Guo Oct 15 '12 at 4:06

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