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I have a model with two fields that are foreign keys to other models.

class Homepage(models.Model):
  featured_user = models.ForeignKey('auth.user')
  featured_story = models.ForeignKey('site_stories.story')

  def autocomplete_search_fields():
     return ("featured_user__icontains", "featured_story__icontains",) # Is this right?

class HomepageAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
  raw_id_fields = ('featured_user', 'featured_story',)
  autocomplete_lookup_fields = {
    'fk': ['featured_user'],
    'fk': ['featured_story']  # <====== What should this be???
admin.site.register(Homepage, HomepageAdmin)

After reading the admin docs and trying a few things, it became clear that you literally need to use the label "fk" for grappelli to apply the autocomplete lookup formatting to a field. So... how can I do this with this model, where there are multiple foreign key fields?

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class HomepageAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
   raw_id_fields = ('featured_user', 'featured_story',)
   autocomplete_lookup_fields = {
   'fk': ['featured_user','featured_story'],
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Oh, duhhhhh. -1 to me for being an IDIOT. –  TAH Oct 15 '12 at 13:35
The documentation isn't very clear. –  Mark Chackerian Sep 29 '14 at 22:12

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