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Hello! I have a little problem in a C# project. I am using the Select method from a DataTable object and using an expression to get what I want but I am having some trouble with a space in one of the strings I am using for the expression.

So here is a code sample of what I have:

DataTable table;
DataRow[] rows = table.Select("[" + columnNameStr + "]" + " LIKE '*" + searchStr + "*'");

The string searchStr can have a white space in it. So for example, if you have a name such as Bob Dude in searchStr and the string should be Dude Bob instead the select expression will not return any result.


What is the expression I need to use if I want to get a result when the words in searchStr are not necessarily in the right order to get a result?

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Split your search string on spaces, and then build your expression string in a loop using OR. Something along these lines might work for you:

var searchStr = "Bob Dude";
var splitSearchString = searchStr.Split(' ');
var columnNameStr = "Name";
var expression = new List<string>();
DataTable table = new DataTable();
foreach (var searchElement in splitSearchString)
        string.Format("[{0}] LIKE '*{1}*'", columnNameStr, searchElement));
var searchExpressionString = string.Join(" OR ", expression.ToArray());
DataRow[] rows = table.Select(searchExpressionString);
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I'll try that out. Thanks. –  Partial Aug 16 '09 at 21:17
Note that if you're going to be building a select expression dynamically, you'll need to preprocess each of the search elements to deal with single quotes and square brackets and probably other characters I'm not thinking of. –  Robert Rossney Aug 16 '09 at 21:50

Another simpler way worked for me.

Say the searchStr is "Hello World".

DataTable.Select("ColumnName" + "'" + searchStr + "'");

the key is add a single quote (') before & after the search string.

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