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I am new to Windows Azure and have limited knowledge in networking. I have a VM running on windows azure that is configured to be having a virtual network. Thus, under Dashboard, the machine will have the following information:

Public virtual IP address (VIP): 168.62.210.xx
Internal IP Address:

I have a customized server running on that machine that will be listening on port 2641. Under Endpoints, I have:

Name   Protocol Public Port Private Port Load Balanced
Handle TCP      2641        2641         NO

I am assuming that there would be a NAT that basically routes incoming traffic from 168.62.210.xx:2641 to and vice versa (from to 168.62.210.xx)?

Is there a way to verify whether that port is working or not?

On linux, the output of nc -z 168.62.210.xx 2641; echo $? is 1 (meaning port is not open).

If I set up the server, I am assuming that I would have to bind the server to instead of 168.62.210.xx?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you opened the port (2641) on Windows Firewall on the VM?

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Hmm, isn't that done automatically when we add an endpoint? I turned off the firewall and communication went through so firewall was blocking it. – Tu Hoang Oct 12 '12 at 17:25
No, adding the endpoint just allows traffic to flow (via the network). Editing endpoints does not change the Windows Server firewall settings (makes no changes to the operating system). With Virtual Machines (in an IaaS environment), you take on the responsibility to completely manage the operating system. The Windows Azure management portal can help you configuring some networking options, but not the VM's operating system. – mcollier Oct 12 '12 at 21:16
Are you sure your Linux machine can go to the Internet thru port 2641 ? Assuming your VM in Windows Azure is a Windows Server machine, not a Linux machine (it wouldn't be in a virtual network), have you tried to see if there is a process listening on port 2641 with a command like netstat -ano | find ":2641" ? For the firewall, add an inboud rule on port 2641. You can do that with Windows Firewall With Advanced security. – benjguin Oct 15 '12 at 14:28

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