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I've just started using Zend_ACL to restrict access to certain controllers based on user roles. Its working pretty fine except however now I need to set it up so that users can only access their own records. For example my application allows people to make bookings. I need to restrict using ACL that users can only view their own bookings on the application while administrators can see all bookings.

I read about using assertations but some how I think I've been using my models the wrong way. Here is how I set up a typical model.


class Model_Bookings extends Zend_Db_Table {

  //class Variable
  protected $_name = 'bookings';
  protected $_primaryKey = 'id';

  function _toArray($a, $index='id', $value='title') {

  function add($data) {

  function update($data) {

  function delete($id) {

  function get($id = false, $options = false) {




The model in this case doesn't correspond to a single instance of the booking object :( how can I use such a model in this case when restricting views using ACL i.e how can I set it up so that when the user goes to list of bookings he sees only his bookings. Do I need to do some major refactoring here? Please help.

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I'm afraid I'm not answering your question, but here are some really good articles to read. Maybe you'll find help there :

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Maybe you could explain what helped you into the articles I gave you to read ? It would be more helpful to others... –  LittleBigDev Oct 22 '12 at 3:22

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