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I am trying to learn how to program in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 using actionscript 3.0 for beginners in developing side. However I don't have knowledge in Adobe or "Advanced flash scripting".

Can anyone advise me if any sources are available for me to find out how to start scripting side - which books or pdfs are better to refer to?

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if you are beginner than don't make mistake and start programming using Flash IDE - use e.g. FlashDevelop to build your programs - Flash IDE to create graphical assets. There are plenty tutorials on the web and plenty books on from online book resellers (even quite cheap). If you have motivation you will succeed:) just practice, do as much as you can - find some example and try to modify it - to see how your changes affects the example.


  • Essential ActionScript 3.0 - Moock
  • Object Oriented ActionScript 3.0 - Elst, Jacobs, Yard

best regards

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