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I am a sophomore at UNF and I am currently taking Comp Structs and Computer Science II. While I am a little ahead of the game as far as where I need to be for computing skills for school, I would like to get some kind of personal project under my belt. I tried making a small game a few months ago with C#, but that flopped because I underestimated the difficulty of the task.

What would be a good personal project to work on if my goal is to be done by the end of the year (December)?

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One that interests you. –  duskwuff Oct 12 '12 at 5:19
Something which demonstrates about your interests and skills. An employer will be looking for your enthusiasm and what motivates you rather than your experience. If you can demonstrate how you work with others that is a bonus. –  Peter Lawrey Oct 12 '12 at 5:32

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I think the best would be to look on some known or less known open source project and join their community. Basically you can chose whatever you like there is a plethora of available open sources. Hope this helps

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Thanks. I am going to check some out. Maybe I can get into an open-source community for game development and learn from them. Thanks for the tip! –  EW - CodeMonkey Oct 12 '12 at 5:31

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