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class ReportsController extends CController
    public function __call($name,$argument)
        echo "test";


This is my Yii controller class and when calling index.php?r=reports/test URL it has to call the __call method as test method is not exists but it gives error The system is unable to find the requested action test error.

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This is depending on the implement of the framework.

For example, if the framework implement the code like:

If (!method_exists($controller, $action)) {
  throw new Exception("The system is unable to find the requested action $action");
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Implement missingAction method in your controller,

As said @xdazz, it checks if method exists and if not it calls missingAction method.

//This method is invoked when the controller cannot find the requested action.

public function missingAction($actionID)
    // Your code here
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I tried this and it works well !!!!!!!!!!! thanks –  Ganesh Ghalame Oct 12 '12 at 9:44

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