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I have some questions regarding js file based on Jquery :

1) Which algorithm is used to minify js files?
2) Is it easy to implement that algorithm programatically?
3) Is minifying js is reversible process? i.e. Can we able to get original js file from minified js file? If yes, Is it the same algorithm to unminify it?

Please help.

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  1. To Minify JS:

  1. You can write algo for minify your js by yourself but it would be better to use any of the above tools for this. Reason is that they are already providing good minification and they are time-tested

  2. Minifying is a reversible process. Since browsers can only understand javascript, these algos need to be reversible. and so others can also reverse the minification.

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Minification Algorithms

As per wiki
JavaScript optimizers such as JSMin1 and Packer[2] are specially designed for modern web programming techniques, and are able to understand and preserve conditional comments, and similar. Packer, for instance, can optionally Base64 compress the given source code in a manner that can be decompressed by regular web browsers, as well as shrink variable names that are typically 5–10 characters to single letters, which reduces the file size of the script and, therefore, makes it download faster.[3] Google has released their Closure Compiler, which also provides minification as well as the ability to introduce more aggressive renaming, removing dead code, and providing function inlining.[4] In addition, certain online tools, such as Microsoft Ajax Minifier[5], the Yahoo! YUI Compressor or Pretty Diff[6], can compress CSS files.[citation needed] There is a PowerShell script named "minifyPS"[7] that is able to shrink PowerShell script code as well as JavaScript code.

Is is easy to implement that algorithm programatically
- Everything should be easy if you correctly know how to do it.

Is minifying js is reversible process?
- Yes there are several javascript beautifiers, which would beautify the minified JS, but the format might not be very much readable.

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When copying directly from Wikipedia you could at least fix the links. – jensgram Oct 12 '12 at 5:55

3: Minifying is not reversible in the typical meaning of the word. A minified program is just required to behave identically to the un-minified program (not counting execution time).

You can't reproduce the layout as it was: white spaces or the comments, the actually used variable names, nor parenthesis. It's also possible that some minifiers do constant evaluation (i.e. 1.0*(1.0+1.0) could become 2. or 2); Can't reproduce removed dead code. (ie. this block is removed)

if (0==1) { // TODO: why isn't this working?

2: No, it's not easy at all

Even the very first stage of removing white spaces and comments could be beyond the final assignment of programming 101.

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thanks Aki for clearing the doubt. – Prasad Jadhav Oct 12 '12 at 6:41

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