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I'm testing a Python script who throws a bunch of bytes (as a string) as the result of his execution.

Firstly, I get the result with:

myOutput = subprocess.check_output(["python","../src/"])

With this, I execute the script and get the output.

Then I compare this result with a really long expected output:

expOutput = "382d006e756c6c2c7465737453657450726f706572747953823c75652c6c75614170702c63617074696f6e2c486f6c61206d756e646f203200"
self.assertEqual(myOutput, expOutput, "Script output is not the expected") 

(It's just a silly test, I'm trying the get things to work).

Problem: My test FAILS. Debugging I founded the values are equal.

Can anyone help me?


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what is the code in assertEqual? – Marcus Oct 12 '12 at 5:25

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Could be a stray eol at the end of the output from the called script. Try this:

myOutput = myOutput.strip()
self.assertEqual(myOutput, expOutput, "Script output is not the expected")
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Awesome! It worked. Thanks! – mekoda Oct 12 '12 at 15:55

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