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I want to setup an online repository on my Linux hosting account I have. I want to a combination of Tortoise SVN and Ankh SVN for this, this will be an ASP.NET MVC 4 project for which I will be using Visual Studio 2010.

Firstly, is it even possible to do this ? i.e to setup an online repostiory on a Linux hosting account, I know this question may sound very naive, but I am new to this code hosting.

Also I stricty want to use only Tortoise SVN and Ankh SVN for this. And I dont want to use Git or Hg for this.

Please advise me on the same.


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No homework done –  Lazy Badger Oct 12 '12 at 10:16

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Short answer

No way. Period

Longer answer

You must to use SVN-server administration tools for creating repository (and building RA-access levels), not client-level tools

Long answer

You have to have:

  • SVN (installed) on server side
  • Configured and running at least one type of SVN-server on Linux host
  • Created (by svn admin tools) repository with configured ACL

None of the above tasks can be executed with TSVN

Final Note

SVN Book is your best friend, at least chapters Repository Administration and Server Configuration

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