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I am trying to compare times and I'm not entirely sure the best way to handle this.

I have an array of times that is un-able to edit. array("500", "1100", "1700", "2300");

500 = 5:00am etc...

If it is 6 or 7am, what kind of logic can I run to find out if it is 7am, what time is closer 5am or 10am?

I don't think it's complex, but i'm just trying to figure out a decent solution vs. me trying to hack something together.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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The math becomes more interesting for values "0550", "0615" - which is closer to 6:00? I would recommend first normalizing to a fractional unit - e.g. 5:50 is 5.83 - if it's only needing to see which is closer .. – user166390 Oct 12 '12 at 6:14
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Let's start with the array you have:

$values = array("500", "1100", "1700", "2300");

What we want is to format it to a valid time string, that is easy, we just insert ":" in the right position. For that I created a function:

function Format($str)
    $length = strlen($str);
    return substr($str, 0, $length - 2).':'.substr($str, $length - 2);

Now we can get valid string that we can convert to unix time with strtotime. The problem now is to find the closer to the current time (which we get with time)

So, we can iterate over the array, convert them, calculate the difference with the current time (in absolute value) and pick the one that results in a lower number. Here is the code:

$now = time(); //current time
$best = false;
$bestDiff = 0;
for ($index = 0; $index < count($values); $index++)
    $diff = abs($now - strtotime(Format($values[$index])));
    if ($best === false || $diff < $bestDiff)
        $best = $index;
        $bestDiff = $diff;

It will leave the index of the closer time in $best and the difference with the moment of the computation in $bestDiff. Please note that this is all asumming that those times are in the same day and local time.

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I adapted Theraot's solution to sort the array by the value's distance to the current time:

$values = array("500", "1100", "1700", "2300");
$now = time();

 *  Format an integer-string to a date-string
function format($str)
    $length = strlen($str);
    return substr($str, 0, $length - 2).':'.substr($str, $length - 2);

 * Callback to compare the distance to now for two entries in $values
$compare = function ($timeA, $timeB) use ($now) {
    $diffA = abs($now - strtotime(format($timeA)));
    $diffB = abs($now - strtotime(format($timeB)));
    if ($diffA == $diffB) {
        return 0;
    return ($diffA < $diffB) ? -1 : 1;

usort($values, $compare);


Your desired result is in $values[0] now. Note that this solution requires php version >= 5.3

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the absolute value of the difference between two times

say 07:00 - 05:00 = 02:00, absolute value of 02:00 is still 02:00

07:00 - 10:00 = -03:00, absolute value of -03:00 is 03:00

In PHP you can convert your time-string to seconds using strtotime:

$time_one = strtotime("07:00");
$time_two = strtotime("05:00");
$time_three = strtotime("09:00");
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But how do you do "0700" - "0500"? – user166390 Oct 12 '12 at 6:30
Whenever you use strtotime() - php.net/manual/en/function.strtotime.php you'll get your time mentioned in the string returned in seconds since epoch. That's a numerical number which can be used to do your calculations – vstrien Oct 12 '12 at 6:44

Here's my solution:

// Input data
$values = array("500", "1100", "1700", "2300");
$time = "12:15";

// turns search time to timestamp
$search = strtotime($time);

// turns "500" to "5:00" and so on
$new = preg_replace('/^(\d?\d)(\d\d)$/','\1:\2', $values);

// converts the array to timestamp
$new = array_map('strtotime', $new);

// sorts the array (just in case)

// Some initialization
$distance = $closest = $result = $result_index = NULL;

// The search itself
foreach($new as $idx => $time_stamp)
        $distance = abs($time_stamp - $search);
        if(is_null($closest) OR $closest > $distance)
                $closest = $distance;
                $result_index = $idx;
                $result = $time_stamp;

echo "The closest to $time is ".date('H:i', $result)." ({$values[$result_index]})";
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