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I am trying to connect facebook in my website. It was working fine but then from last week onwards, I have started to face a problem with Connect to Facebook. As soon as the page is loaded, I get an error in the console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'createElement' of undefined (all.js:78) r.register.init (all.js:78) r.create (all.js:78) ja.init (all.js:81) m.provide.init (all.js:136) window.setTimeout.window.fbAsyncInit.hasRun (all.js:137) w (all.js:18) (anonymous function) all.js:137

This error causes all the Connect to Facebook Button unresponsive.

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Most likely you have overwritten window.self with something that no longer points to window. This can easily be tested in the console by doing self === window - this should be returning true but is most likely returning false.

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